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Developer Partner Program Highlights

Perceptive Software Developer Partner Network Overview

The unstructured content that drives today’s successful businesses — such as documents, e-mail, data streams and electronic forms — continues to multiply. That’s why flexible enterprise content management (ECM) technology that helps organize and manage those mountains of data is a fast-growing market. The Perceptive Software Developer Network offers you a unique opportunity to leverage our proven platform technology and claim your share of the ECM market.

For independent software vendors and system integrations, membership in the Perceptive Software Developer Network, can mean increased short-term revenue and long-term growth potential. For customers and existing partners, it offers tremendous tools to help you deliver tailored business solutions and reach your business goals sooner.

Why Work with Perceptive Software?

Becoming part of the Developer Network means collaboration and knowledge sharing with an ECM industry leader. According to a recent Gartner report, Perceptive Software is the fastest-growing ECM vendor worldwide, and one of the top 10 in terms of revenue.

More than 2,000 customers in 45 countries use our ImageNow® document management, imaging and workflow software products across a variety of business processes to create direct and effortless connections between business content and the people who need it. As a member of the Developer Network, you, too, can create applications and solutions that complement and extend Perceptive Software’s ECM platform. To see who is currently partnering with us visit our  Developer Showcase.

Key Advantages for Development Partners:

  • Proven ECM platform that runs natively on both Windows and Unix operating systems
  • Web services capabilities for both inbound and outbound messaging, using the open industry standard SOAP-XML
  • Complete scripting environment that provides web services compatibility, URL integration and the use of proven standards, such as HL7, EDI, COM and .NET
  • Access to open standards e-form technology (XML, HTML, CSS), including e-form design tools
  • Compatibility with third-party integration engines and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) platforms, such as TIBCO, Oracle BPEL Process Manager, WebSphere ESB and PeopleSoft’s Integration Broker
  • Pre-built Microsoft SharePoint integration and code samples for rapid deployment in a Microsoft SharePoint environment
  • Helpful developer-specific documentation for technology

Building on a Strong Platform

ImageNow is built on an innovative technology platform, solidified by five fundamental strengths:

Benefits Overview

As a Perceptive Software Development Partner in full compliance with all requirements, your company can gain access to the program benefits shown in the Developer Network Guide. To respond to changing market conditions or to incorporate best practices, we reserve the right to modify these benefits at any time at our sole discretion.

Next Steps

Apply now to the Perceptive Software Developer Network and take the first step toward success through collaborative and innovative development. For all other questions please contact us at